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MCTS Exam 70-511 Windows Application Development with .Net Framework 4.5

  • Building a User Interface.
  • Working with events and Command.
  • Working with User-Interface
  • Working with Data Binding.
  • Working with Data Grids and validating User Input.
  • Enhancing Usability.
  • Advanced Topics.
  • Testing and Debugging WPF Application.
  • Deployment.

MCTS Exam 70-433 Sql Server DataBase Development and Data Retrival

Modifying Data

  • The Insert,Update,Delete and Merge Statements.
  • Tables,Datatypes and Declarative Data Integrity.
  • Using Additional Query Techniques.
  • Programming Microsoft Sql Server with T-SQL.
  • User-Defined Stored Procedures,Functiion,Triggers and Views.
  • Techniques to Improve Query Performance.
  • Extending Sql Server Functionality With Spatial,Full-Text Search and Service Broker.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Sql Server Manageability Features.