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Search Engine Marketing : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid placement, paid inclusions and pay per click (PPC campaigns) are search engine marketing techniques that companies can use to increase their visibility in the search engine page results from Google, Yahoo and their competitors.

Social Media Optimisation : YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world today! More people, communities, business and organizations meet on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin today than in the Real world. Its imperative for your Brand or your Business to be on the Social Media today, cause that is where the eye balls are!

Social Media in Facebook

Online Reputation Management : Reputation, if not handled well, is always at risk and fragile – be it for a celebrities, politicians or companies. Doing Online Reputation Management with NetWeb Technologies secure companies in times of dissatisfied customers who’ve turned hostile, previous employees of the company who hold a grudge and unethical competitors, and protects them from content that could be potentially damaging for the company. ORM does help boosts the ranking of your website by optimizing the web content, and pushes the “menace” website, out of the top position relegating it to the third, fourth, fifth or sixth page of search engines.

Online PR : Online PR is basically activities directed towards influencing media through online medium. NetWeb Technologies’s strategy towards Online PR includes search engines, blogs, news search, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools. Brand reputation monitoring and management is also a focus area for Online PR.

Affiliate Marketing : In affiliate marketing, a business recruits associates to promote the company's products or services. The associates receive a commission or other similar rewards for every sale, visitor, subscriber, or customer they bring to the company. Associates Central is an example of an affiliate marketing program that uses to encourage private website owners to bring traffic to its site.

Display Advertising : Display advertising involves the use of web banners or banner ads placed on a third-party website to drive traffic to a company's own website and increase product awareness.

Email Marketing : Companies that use email marketing send promotional emails directly to customers. However, it can often be hard to distinguish between spam and legitimate email marketing messages.

Interactive Advertising : Interactive advertising involves the use of animations and other graphic techniques to create ads that engage the viewer and invite participation.

Viral Marketing : Viral marketing is a technique is which companies encourage customers to pass along information about their products or services. Company websites that let visitors email interactive games or funny video clips to their friends are an example of a viral marketing effort.

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