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Redhat Linux (RHCE/RHCT)

Module1:Red Hat Linux Essentials(RH033)

Module2:Red Hat Linux System Administration(RH133)

  • Understanding the Linux File System
  • Perform Common File Maintenance Tasks
  • Use and Customize the GNOME Interface
  • Issue Essential Linux Commands from the Command Line
  • Perform common Tasks Using
  • Open,Edit and Save Text Documents Using the ViEditor
  • File Access Permissions
  • Launch Applications from Command Line And GNOME Interface
  • Printing Commands and Utilities
  • Customize X Windows System
  • Regular Expression pattern Matching
  • I/O Redirection
  • Copy Files to and From a Floppy Diskette
  • Install,Upgrade,Delete and Query Packsges on your System
  • Network & Power User Utilities
  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Interactivity and with Kickstart
  • Control Common System Hardware
  • Create and Maintains the Linux File system
  • Configure and NFS Client and Autofs
  • Understand System and Service Initialization
  • Perform User and Group Administration Integated with an Existing Network Running Common Network Services
  • Configure a Workstation as a Client to NIS,DNS and DHCP services
  • Administer the Linux Printing Subsystem
  • Automate Tasks with Cron and Anacron maintain and Interpret System Logs
  • Backup File Systems to Tape and Tar Archive
  • Install,Update,Query and Remove Software Packages with RPM
  • Configure the X WIndow System and the GNOME Desktop Environment
  • Perform Basic Perormance,Memory and Process Management
  • Configure Basic Host Security
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting

Module 3: Red Hat Linux Network & Security(RH253)

  • Networking services on Red Hat
  • Enterprise Linux Server-side setup,Configuration,and Basic Administration of Common Networking services
  • Security Administration Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Developing a Security Policy
  • Local Security
  • Files and Filesystem Security
  • Password & Kernel Security
  • Basic Elements of a Firewall
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Security Tools
  • Responding to a break-in-attempt
  • Security Sources and Methods
  • Overview of oss Security Tools