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Website Re - design Agency

So you own a website which is supposed to generate returns for your business.

The Questions is - Is it doing so? If NOT it’s time to...
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How to know, when you need to call NetWeb Technologies for Re-designing your website :

  • Analyze your website not being its owner rather being a visitor. Does the design of your website appeal to you?
  • Is your website user-friendly? Can the important navigational menus and the various links on your website be located easily?
  • Is your website fresh with latest updates and contemporary look and does not contain obsolete images or layout design?
  • Is your website successful in portraying a proficient illustration of your business?
  • Is your website Web 2.0 ready and W3C compliant?
  • Is your website compatible with all modern browsers?
  • Does the design of your website compete equally well with your competitor’s website?

Tips before redesigning of website :

  • Know the reason for re-design
  • Research the latest technologies before redesign
  • Redefine goals and future vision of your company
  • Take a backup of your old website first
  • First work on the great content to suite the present Business scenario
  • Create a sitemap and user friendly navigation
  • Make a website SEO friendly
  • Make sure the website is error and bug free
  • Test the website carefully before launching it

Re-designed website should contain :

  • Fast loading of home page with low resolution graphical elements and flash objects
  • Clear navigation
  • Clear layout design
  • Your website should be compatible to all the resolutions
  • It should be latest browsers compatible
  • Good looking readable and professional fonts
  • Minimum use of images
  • Should be search engine friendly
  • Your website should provide something valuable to user
  • Your website will be compatible to latest web2.0 technology

To get your website re-designed adhering to the latest web trends, technologies and patterns, Contact Us today!