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Our AR Development Services

AR app development

Unleash the power of Augmented Reality (AR) by harnessing our specialized application development services. Our proficient team of developers excels in crafting personalized AR applications perfectly aligned with your unique requirements. Whether you require applications for mobile devices or desktop platforms, we transform your concepts into reality, delivering captivating and engaging AR experiences.


Custom AR App Development 

Our AR development company provides customized augmented reality application development services, designed to craft distinctive AR experiences that perfectly match your specific business needs.


Mobile AR App Development

Craft immersive AR experiences that elevate user engagement and interaction with our AR development services. These applications are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms for widespread accessibility.


Sensor-based AR/VR Mobile & Desktop Apps

Build sensor-based AR and VR applications for desktop and mobile platforms with our AR software development services. By harnessing a range of sensors, including cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, we design applications capable of tracking real-world movements, delivering an interactive augmented or virtual reality experience that immerses users in a dynamic and responsive digital world.

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AR Consulting & Strategy

Stay at the forefront of innovation with our strategic AR solutions development and consulting. We conduct comprehensive market analysis and research to uncover valuable opportunities, offering expert guidance on harnessing AR technology to fuel growth and innovation. With our seasoned expertise, you can confidently navigate the AR landscape, fully unlocking its potential for your business.


Augmented Reality Business Strategy

Our seasoned consultants collaborate closely with you to grasp your business’s goals and aspirations, formulating a comprehensive AR strategy in alignment with your vision. 


Augmented Reality Market Analysis and Research

Leverage our research findings for informed strategic business decisions and capitalize on the surging demand for augmented reality solutions.


Augmented Reality Prototype Development

Our adept team of developers and designers brings your ideas to life as functional AR prototypes, granting you the ability to visualize and validate your concepts prior to committing to full-scale development.

AR Maintenance & Support

We guarantee the seamless operation of your AR applications, delivering an uninterrupted and immersive user experience. Rely on our steadfast maintenance and support, allowing you to concentrate on your core business while we manage the technical intricacies.


AR App Maintenance and Upgrades

We take care of all aspects of technical maintenance, including regular updates, bug rectifications, and performance enhancements, ensuring your AR app remains current and functions seamlessly.


Bug Rectification and Troubleshooting

Minimize disruptions and maximize user satisfaction with our proficient bug-fixing and troubleshooting services.


Technical Support for AR Solutions

We offer timely and dependable assistance to address any technical inquiries or concerns, aiding you in overcoming challenges and optimizing the performance of your AR applications.

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AR Recognition Solutions

Elevate your AR experiences through the seamless integration of body pose estimation, enabling interactive and captivating user interactions. With our state-of-the-art recognition AR solutions development, your AR applications evolve into a realm of heightened immersion, intelligence, and dynamism.


Facial Recognition Platforms

Integrate facial recognition seamlessly into your AR applications to unlock personalized user experiences, ensure secure authentication, and execute targeted marketing campaigns.


Visual Recognition Solutions

Our platforms leverage image recognition technology to identify and analyze real-time objects, logos, or patterns. By incorporating visual recognition into your applications, you can enhance user interactions, deliver contextual information, and enable immersive AR experiences.


Body Pose Estimation

Utilizing advanced algorithms and computer vision techniques, we precisely track and analyze human body movements in real time. Whether it's for fitness apps, gaming, or virtual try-on experiences, our body poses estimation technology brings a new level of realism and engagement to your AR applications.

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Netweb Tech’s mobile app development team is genuinely praise-worthy. Our app required complex front-end repos, but the team at Netweb Tech clearly understood our requirements. They helped us add new features and customizations and identify and fix bugs in a very short amount of time. I am amazed at the dynamic nature of the team, which adapted to coding standards, technologies, and procedures as per the project requirements.
Ross Taylor
Text 2 Order
Hiring Netweb Tech for our software development project was one of our best decisions. We are a small business communication app. At first, I was confused about the app specifics. But Netweb Tech’s team helped me figure out and suggest the best features, optimizations and technologies for our app. I would like to praise their utmost dedication to the project as they delivered 2-3 months of work in 2 weeks, which is outstanding. I am looking forward to working with them again.
Curran Robertson
I have been in online marketing for years and have worked with many programmers over the years. If you are looking for someone with top-notch expertise, a technical team that can rival anyone in the industry, and a creative team that will approach your online project – whether it’s a website or an online campaign -with a clean slate and never fails to deliver on their promises, and exceeds expectations, NetWeb is it.
Aaron Gravitz
Law For All
You hit the nail on the head: you delivered on time and budget, and you did it with grace and flexibility. You excelled at the ease of process and adapted when things didn’t go as planned. Your communication, understanding, and enthusiasm set you apart from other web companies. This was a well-executed vision and implementation.
Omar Farukh
You are truly one of the best partners we have ever worked with in the 10-year history of our consulting business, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You did five-star work, are extremely responsive, and made it easy for us. That’s invaluable. We look forward to working with you on many more projects in the years to come.
Rimond Allam
Allruva Technologies
We build meaningful digital products for startups and global brands. Our experienced team of web and mobile developers, designers, and managers make mobile application development a delight.
Shridhar Ramaswamy
CEO & Founder

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