Top 9 Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Business

Did you know that mobile apps will generate a revenue of $935 billion for businesses in 2023?

It’s not a secret anymore. Today businesses are leveraging the power of custom mobile app development to generate millions in revenue.

We are living in an era of advanced technology that brings convenience. Users now want everything at their fingertips. Whether it’s paying bills, watching movies, reading the latest news, or shopping, we prefer apps to do these things comfortably. It is because mobile apps are easier to use and more responsive than websites.

Imagine this: You have a pending electricity bill to pay. Now you have two options – either pay the bill through the electricity board website or use an app. There is no doubt that you will pay it through the app. You might not even consider visiting the website.

Do you know why?

It’s because apps are:

  • User-friendly
  • Faster
  • More responsive

It is because of this user preference businesses have now started to offer their services and products through apps for enhanced customer experience and retention.

Some of the benefits of mobile apps for businesses include increased sales, brand awareness, a boost in user base, and better customer engagement. Further, we will discuss more mobile app benefits in detail in this blog.

So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Top 9 Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

1. Build a Strong Brand Presence

In today’s competitive business world, it’s crucial more than ever to create a unique yet strong brand presence.

The old ways of marketing are long gone. Today businesses rely on digital mediums to establish their brand presence.

Having only a website isn’t enough for your business. You need to understand that the website’s customer experience differs from that of an app.

Would you prefer to shop on a website or app?

If you need to buy a dress, would you go to the Urbanic website or app?

95% of us will choose the app. It is because we feel comfortable using an app.

The secret lies in how the app is designed for enhanced customer experience.

With mobile apps, brands bring services to users’ fingertips. You can create a lasting impression on users by offering them quality services.

2.  Get Customer Insights

You might not know, but a mobile app can be a treasure for your business.

How? You can use data from your mobile app to understand your customers. This data can help you tap into customer behavior, preferences, trends, and pain points.

Thus, you can create strategies to target your customers more promisingly.

For example, if users post about payment issues in the app’s chat forum, you can work on integrating better payment gateways. Thus, you discovered a pain point and resolved it for better customer outcomes.

Another amazing feature of mobile apps that will help you connect with your customers is push notifications. You can send offers, promotions, discounts, and sales with push notifications.

Mobile apps account for 85% of all time spent on smartphones. Imagine your brand message reaching directly to your customers. Mobile apps ensure your company’s message visibility more than any other medium.

3. Offer Value To Customers

Customers make the brand!

Most importantly, loyal customers turn your business into an irresistible brand.

To build loyal customers, you need to understand what your customers actually need.

Customers look for convenience & quality.

A mobile app can help businesses offer convenience and quality services. Further, apps make your services or products more accessible to users.

Also, with mobile apps, you can choose to offer unique benefits to your customers. An exclusive bonus attached to your app will be a magnet for users.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can offer an AR shopping experience to users with your app. This will enhance user experience and build brand presence and a loyal customer base.

4. Improve Customer Engagements

Let’s assume you have a beauty brand specializing in organic serums.

Now a customer wants to buy a face serum. It is highly likely that they will open a shopping app, explore the serums available and buy it from there.

Though you have a better product than everyone else, your brand won’t be the first priority.

Even if you have an amazing website and a strong online presence with excellent marketing efforts, only 20% of customers will come from there.

You are missing out on the rest, 80%, just because you don’t have an e-commerce or marketplace app.

Now, if you had an app combined with a smart marketing strategy:

  • Customers will come to know about your quality products
  • They will prefer your brand over other

It is because with an app already installed in the user’s phone, they don’t have to waste time first searching for a platform to buy the product. Then exploring the best product itself.

They already know that they have easy access to a beauty shopping platform. So, all they need to do is open the app, explore and compare the products and buy it from there.

Also, you can integrate feedback forms and product review systems in your app. These will help you connect directly with your customers. With every feedback and product review, you will know your USP and weak points, customer likes & dislikes and other preferences.

Therefore, mobile apps encourage deeper customer connection. So, one of the many benefits of mobile apps is how well you can connect and engage with your customers and offer quality services conveniently.

 5.   Personalized Marketing

Who doesn’t love customized offers?

Nearly two-thirds of consumers expect brands to understand their needs — and 52% expect every offer to be customized. 

So, how can you personalize your offers for every customer?

Remember the data we collected from mobile apps?

You can analyze those data to uncover customer preferences and market trends. Then you can use the insights to curate personalised marketing plans for your customers.

Moreover, other benefits of mobile apps for businesses include interactive, personalized shopping features like smart recommendations, shopping history, size predictions, wishlists, and more.

6. Boost Revenue

43.4% of all e-commerce sales will come from mobile apps in 2023.

Thanks to the rise of mobile apps, customers in the 18-34 age group prefer apps for e-commerce purchases.

They prefer apps because it simplifies the buying process. Your customers can save their favorite products, create a wishlist, save their payment options, and explore products seamlessly. All these app features make our shopping experience comfortable.

Regarding cross-channel marketing, a mobile app offers you more opportunities. Your customers can smoothly go from seeing a social media ad to purchasing on the app.

Of course, the quality of the app matters. The more user-friendly it is, the better the customer experience will be, and the more likely they will complete purchases successfully.

7. Connect With Social Media

One biggest benefit of mobile apps is their ability to link with various online services, particularly social media platforms. Given that most social media interactions occur on mobile, it’s simpler for shoppers to establish a connection through an app rather than your website.

Numerous social networks offer businesses access to their APIs, enabling you to integrate a social experience within your own app seamlessly.

Social media is pivotal in promoting your business and furnishing essential social validation, a key attraction for mobile apps. It provides brands a convenient means to stimulate user-generated content through a smooth and effortless social-sharing process.

Moreover, shoppers can even initiate customer support via platforms like Twitter or Facebook Messenger, all within an in-app browser.

8. Improve Customer Loyalty

84% of customers will likely stay loyal to a company that offers a loyalty program.

And what’s the best way to introduce loyalty programs than a mobile app?

You can build a mobile app to offer and track customer loyalty schemes.

With a mobile app, you can offer loyalty rewards on repeat orders. This will encourage buyers to purchase more and return to your brand whenever they shop.

You can even offer discounts on brand referrals on social media channels and customer registrations.

9. Instant Customer Support

Offering better and instant customer support is one of the primary benefits of mobile apps for businesses.

Research within the customer service sector underscores that most consumers now seek assistance through mobile channels.

Mobile customer service’s advantages extend significantly to business owners and customers alike.

For customers, this approach offers a self-service avenue. Integrating an intelligent and user-friendly help center into your app can be a savvy strategy, enabling customers to locate answers to their inquiries swiftly.

Simultaneously, customer service staff contend with fewer queries. As expectations surrounding customer support continue to rise, a mobile app can substantially alleviate the workload on your employees.

Furthermore, an opportunity to enhance the overall customer experience arises. Often, the most effective means of delivering exceptional customer service lies in minimizing, if not eliminating, issues altogether.

Insights derived from your app’s data can enable you to proactively identify potential problems or inquiries before they even confront the customer.

In whichever way you analyze it, a well-executed mobile app consistently translates into positive outcomes for customer service. 

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The benefits of mobile apps for businesses are limitless if their potential is used smartly in the business model.

From establishing a brand presence to collecting customer insights and offering quality services and unique offers, mobile apps are now the core of any business. The benefits mobile apps offer businesses result in maximizing customer engagement, sales, and profits.

If you have not tapped into the power of mobile apps, it’s the right time to do. Hire top-rated mobile app development companies like NetWeb Technologies to kickstart your business in this digital era.

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