How To Increase Online Food Delivery Sales & Orders?

Offering delivery is a fantastic way to boost your restaurant’s income, sales, and profits. Online food ordering has become really popular and it’s changing how regular restaurants do business. 

We’re now in a time where people are using less cash for payments, and there are more businesses that only focus on delivering food (they’re called cloud kitchens). Because of this, there’s been a big increase in digital food ordering, and the restaurant delivery business keeps growing steadily.

However, if you don’t deliver right, it can harm your restaurant’s reputation. A bad experience with ordering can also mean fewer people coming to dine in at your restaurant. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-organized delivery system. 

In this blog, we’ll show you how to become a pro at increasing online food delivery sales and order quantity.

How big is the online food delivery market?

The idea of ordering food online isn’t something brand new in the restaurant business. Even before the pandemic, lots of restaurants were already taking orders for delivery, either by themselves or through apps.

During the lockdowns, online food delivery really took off, and people got used to how easy and convenient it is. Because of this, we expect the online food delivery industry to keep growing in the coming years.

Statista, a trusted source, tells us that in 2022, The market size of the global online food delivery sector was estimated at 770 billion U.S. dollars. They predict that by 2027, this number will jump to 1.4 million U.S. dollars, which is a phenomenal increase.

Now, here’s the thing: these online food delivery services often charge restaurants a big chunk of their earnings, up to 30%. 

And because more and more customers are choosing delivery, it’s really important for restaurants to make their online food delivery strategy work well to make more money.

Why is the demand for online food delivery surging?

The demand for online food delivery is surging for several straightforward reasons:

  • Convenience: Ordering food online via mobile apps is incredibly convenient. With a few taps on a smartphone or clicks on a computer, customers can have their favorite meals delivered right to their doorstep. This convenience saves time and effort, making it an attractive option for people with busy lifestyles.
  • Safety and Hygiene: The COVID-19 pandemic heightened concerns about the safety and hygiene of dining in restaurants. Many people turned to food delivery as a safer alternative to enjoy restaurant-quality meals without leaving their homes.
  • Variety: Online food delivery platforms offer a wide range of dining options. Customers can choose from various cuisines, restaurants, and menu items, expanding their culinary horizons and satisfying diverse tastes.
  • Digital Payment Options: The rise of digital payment methods, including mobile wallets and online payment platforms, has made it easier for customers to pay for their orders securely, reducing the need for cash transactions.
  • Special Deals and Discounts: Food delivery apps often provide special promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs, making it more cost-effective for customers to order food online compared to dining in a restaurant.
  • Time Efficiency: Online food delivery saves time for customers who might not have the luxury of cooking or dining out. It’s a quick solution for satisfying hunger without waiting in line or dealing with restaurant reservations.
  • Increased Connectivity: Widespread access to the internet and smartphones has connected people to a vast network of restaurants and delivery services, making it easy to discover and order from a variety of places.
  • Busy Lifestyles: Modern lifestyles are fast-paced, and many people find themselves with limited time for meal preparation. Online food delivery provides a solution for enjoying restaurant-quality food without the need to cook.

How can you attract more customers and increase online food delivery sales?

The best ways to stay in the competitive market while maintaining your strong presence and increase online food delivery sales are mentioned hereunder.

1. Integrate optimization in your restaurant’s website and mobile App

Your restaurant’s website and mobile app are like your online store. A well-made and easy-to-use website can really help you sell more food for delivery.

First, make sure your website works well on mobile phones, so people can easily order food online. It should be simple to navigate, and customers should be able to see the menu and order without any problems. 

Using nice pictures and yummy descriptions of your dishes can also make customers want to order more.

To make your website and app even better, think about adding features like saving past orders, giving personal food suggestions, and making it easy for customers to pay online. Also, lets customers track their orders in real-time so they know when their food will arrive. This will make them happier and more likely to order from you again.

2. Use technology to manage orders and deliveries

Being efficient in how you handle orders and deliver food is super important for your delivery service.

Use modern technology like restaurant management apps to make things smoother. Make sure orders get to delivery drivers quickly and accurately based on where they are and when the food needs to be delivered. Tell customers in real time where their food is and when it will arrive. This makes them trust you more and makes their experience better.

Nowadays, people expect to see exactly where their delivery is with GPS technology. You could add this feature to your website and app, so customers can watch their order from when it’s made to when it’s delivered. This will make customers happier and reduce problems with deliveries.

3. Team up with a delivery service

Teaming up with a delivery service can really help your restaurant to get more food delivery orders. Here are five big reasons why working with a delivery service can make a big difference for your restaurant:

  • Reach more customers: When you partner with a popular delivery service, you can reach lots of new customers you didn’t have before. This helps more people discover your restaurant and brings in new customers.
  • Be more visible: Delivery services use fancy computer tricks to show your restaurant to people nearby. So, when you work with a delivery service, more people see your restaurant as a top choice for delivery in your area.
  • Make ordering easy: Delivery services make it really easy for people to order food online. When you team up with a delivery service, your customers get a smooth and hassle-free experience, which makes them more likely to order from you again.
  • Offer special deals: You can give special discounts or cool offers to customers who order through the delivery service. This can make them choose your restaurant over others, and you’ll get more online food delivery orders and loyal customers.
  • Focus on quality: To make delivery customers happy, you need to make sure the food is great, it’s packed well, and it gets delivered on time. If you do this, you’ll get good reviews and more people will want to order from you.

4. Improvise the Local SEO

In today’s world, being easy to find on the internet is super important for restaurants that want more food delivery sales. When people want to order food, they often go online to search for it. So, it’s essential for restaurants to show up in those online searches, especially for folks who are looking for food delivery nearby.

To do this, restaurants can use smart words and phrases on their website and app that relate to what they do and where they’re located. For example, using words like “restaurants near [location name]” or “Chinese outlet near [location name]” can help your restaurant show up when people search for delivery options in your area. 

It’s also important to make sure your website works well on mobile phones and loads quickly because that makes people happy and helps your restaurant show up better in search results.

Additionally, restaurants can be listed on websites and apps that help people find businesses in their area. Places like Google My Business are great for this. Make sure all the important info, like your restaurant’s address, phone number, and opening hours, is correct. 

If you keep this information the same across different websites and apps, it makes search engines like Google trust your restaurant more and show it to more people in local searches.

5. Use social media

Social media is a great way for restaurants to connect with their customers. You can post nice pictures of your food, show what happens behind the scenes, and even have fun polls or quizzes. 

You can also have contests and ask customers to share their experiences, which makes them feel like part of a community and makes them want to come back.

Use social media to talk about your food delivery services and any special deals you have. When customers ask questions or leave comments and reviews, make sure to reply quickly to show you care about them. 

By doing this on social media, you can build a group of loyal customers and get more people to use your online ordering system.

6. Make a great online menu

Your online menu is like a digital menu board for your restaurant. It should look tempting and make customers want to order. Use high-quality pictures of your dishes and write detailed descriptions that make people hungry and eager to order more.

When you make your online menu, make it easy to read by dividing it into clear sections and including info about dietary preferences, like vegan or gluten-free options. Show off your most popular dishes or any special items your chef recommends to get customers interested in trying something new.

7. Creating tempting food descriptions

While tantalizing food pictures can certainly make mouths water and encourage orders, a picture can only convey part of the delicious story. Complementing your dishes with mouthwatering descriptions helps customers envision what awaits them and nudges hungry diners to make the final decision to order. 

Does your dish have a spicy kick, a gentle touch, a fiery zest, a refreshing coolness, a velvety creaminess, a zesty punch, a satisfying crispness, or an irresistible crunch?

Each description should be brief and catchy, with a sprinkle of creativity. It’s vital that your description accurately captures the essence of the dish, ensuring customers know what they’re getting and preventing any misunderstandings.

8. Give out special deals and coupons

Everybody loves a good deal, so offering special promotions and coupons can really boost your restaurant’s food delivery sales. You can give discounts or unique offers to customers who order through your website or app. This makes them more likely to choose your restaurant over others and order from you again.

9. Handle feedback and prepare for negative reviews

Even if you do everything right, there may still be times when you make a mistake or have an unhappy customer. It’s important to be ready for negative feedback. Sometimes, the criticism might be about something you can’t control, like if delivery drivers are taking longer than expected.

No matter what the feedback is about, it’s crucial to face it head-on. Take responsibility and let the customers know that you understand their concerns and that you’re committed to doing better in the future.

10. Reward loyal customers

Creating a loyalty program can encourage people to order from your restaurant again and again. You can offer special perks, discounts, or even free items to show your appreciation for customers who keep choosing your restaurant. A well-designed loyalty program not only keeps customers coming back but also turns them into fans who recommend your restaurant to others.

You could have different levels of rewards based on how much customers spend or how often they order. Use your website, app, or social media to keep customers informed about their loyalty points and the rewards they can get. You can also give a shoutout to loyal customers by sharing their stories or comments on your social media pages.

11. Pay attention to packaging

The way you package your food for delivery is super important. Invest in good-quality and eco-friendly packaging that keeps the food fresh and makes the whole dining experience better. Thoughtful packaging, with the help of food packaging machines, shows that you care about the quality of your food and makes your brand look good to customers.

You can even put your logo or tagline on the packaging to remind customers of your brand. Also, include labels with instructions on how to reheat the food or info about allergens. This way, customers can enjoy their food without any problems when it arrives.

12. Use upselling and cross-selling strategies

By building food delivery apps, it’s easy for restaurants to implement upselling and cross-selling strategies in their digital menus, encouraging customers to make purchases that boost profits.

Make the most of these strategies by including relevant prompts in your online delivery menu to entice customers to spend a bit more:

  • Suggest upsell options when specific items are selected. For instance, if a customer adds a medium pizza to their order, offer an upgrade to a large one for an extra $4.
  • Create meal combos. For instance, when someone adds a burger to their order, suggest adding a drink and fries for an additional $7.
  • Allow customizable orders. For example, if a customer adds a pepperoni pizza to their order, give them the option to choose up to three extra toppings for $1.50 each.


Now that you know all the intriguing ways to increase your online food delivery business, you must also know where you can get such services. 

Netweb Technologies is one such food delivery app development company that works as per the best industry practices. Our food delivery app development services have taken the business of various entrepreneurs to the zenith point of success. 

So if you want your food delivery app to have the features that ensure your proven ROI, then we are just one click away.

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