Understanding Why To Choose Laravel For Web App Development

Who doesn’t love a captivating and responsive web app?

We all do!

But building a web app that’s responsive, functional, secure and feature-rich requires an equally advanced development framework

The framework you choose will lay the foundation of your app. It is the core that will decide how well your app will perform afterward. The right framework will help you:

  • Streamline your development process
  • Reduce time and efforts
  • Make your web app more efficient, advanced, and optimized
  • Ensure scalability so that you can expand your web based app as and when required
  • Incorporate in-built security measures and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Optimize your web application for speed and performance

So, choosing the right framework is crucial for the success of your web app.

What’s better than Laravel, the most popular and renowned framework for building web applications?

Developers prefer the PHP Laravel framework due to its ease of use and durability. Another factor that makes Laravel superior to other frameworks is its excellent testing tools.

You can test your web app without writing a single line of code.

From Artisan console, ORM, blade template engine, dependency management, and MVC architecture to composers and in-built libraries, Laravel offers a bundle of features to developers empowering them to build next-gen web applications.

Still, wondering why should you use Laravel for web app development?

In this blog, we have listed the top reasons why choosing Laravel to build a web app is best.

7 Reasons that makes Laravel a suitable framework for web app development

Many developers wonder why Laravel is so popular. What are the unique attributes that make it unique? Plus, what is the best thing about Laravel?

If you ask these questions to a developer using Laravel, he will give you a three-word answer – peace of mind. 

While you can get tools, libraries, and distinct features in other frameworks, the built-in testing feature makes Laravel stand out from others. It enables you to easily test your web application so that you build a bug-free web app. 

Plus, the ease of use, reliability, authentication, automated task scheduling, and accelerated development approach make web app development seamless, effortless, and more productive.

Let’s now review the top reasons to choose Laravel for web app development in detail.

1. Easy To Use

Laravel is a premium PHP framework that comes with built-in templates. These templates enable developers to build the web app components faster saving the time and effort that would have been used to build the same component from scratch.

Plus, Laravel is an open-source framework where developers have improved the resources and libraries since its launch in 2011. So today you have access to top-notch resources in Laravel to build your web app.

An expert Laravel development team can build a 6 to 7-page website in a maximum of 2 days. 

Another point to note here is that faster development equals faster time-to-market, lower costs, and more results for the business.

2. Top-grade authentication and authorization

Frameworks like CodeIgniter did not offer the developers in-built support to integrate authentication and authorization features. So, Taylor Otwell developed the Laravel framework which will make it easier for the developers to incorporate authentication systems.

With the use of Laravel framework in web app development, you can easily implement authentication systems like login, registration, password reset, biometric authentication, and other features. 

The best thing is that you can do all that with just one line of code. 

Further, you can also organize authorization logic and control access to resources in Laravel.

3. Security is paramount

Businesses and users prioritize security.

Users will not use the services of your web application if it’s not secure. You will lose the trust of your users and your sales and revenue.

Moreover, a vulnerable web app puts your sensitive business and users’ data at risk. 

So, before you make your web app appealing and integrate high-tech features, focus on its security measures.

Laravel’s built-in security features safeguard your web application from cyberattacks and other vulnerabilities. Laravel employs the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, ensuring passwords are never stored directly in the database.

In contrast to many other PHP frameworks, Laravel offers robust user authentication and straightforward creation of access restrictions. This enhances data security for both you and your customers, safeguarding sensitive information.

4. MVC architecture

What makes Laravel the best framework for web app development is its MVC architecture. 

MVC architecture comes with built-in templates and functionalities that empower the developers to easily and quickly build web apps. Along with this, MVC architecture also improves Laravel performance, and app speed and enables better documentation.

5. Automated testing feature

You cannot launch a buggy web app and expect it to succeed. That is why, quality assurance engineers test the web-based app thoroughly for errors and rectify it. 

Testing is a crucial step in web app development that ensures the optimal performance of your web application after launch.

Laravel takes this testing procedure one step forward by simplifying and automating it. 

The PHP Laravel framework provides intuitive methods for simulating users’ typical actions, such as sending requests, analyzing outputs, and interacting with forms. These capabilities facilitate comprehensive testing of your web application’s functionality.

With Laravel’s unit testing feature, you can systematically test individual components or modules of your web application, ensuring seamless integration and performance when all modules are combined.

This approach leads to the development of high-performing web applications with optimized code.

6. Automated task execution and scheduling

Every web application needs a task scheduling mechanism to execute necessary tasks. For example, the web app needs to send notifications to users, bulk sends emails to subscribers, sync data with external APIs, generate reports, or clean up the database.

Previously developers used to generate Cron entries for every task they scheduled. But it was time-consuming and tedious. 

Using Laravel for web app development, you can get rid of this headache by using its automatic command scheduler.

It allows you to quickly define your command schedule within the Laravel framework itself. Plus, only a single Cron entry is required on your server to execute the task.

This feature makes your web application faster, high-performing and saves your hosting cost.

8. Efficient traffic management

As your marketing expands and the popularity of your website grows, managing traffic becomes hectic. 

The more traffic your web app fetches, the more requests you will need to deal with. This means your hosting bill is going to go up. Or worse, your server will stop functioning due to overload.

To save you from any such situation, Laravel offers you a message queue system for load balancing. 

The Laravel queue service offers a consistent API compatible with diverse queue backends. Queues enable you to postpone processing time-intensive tasks like email dispatching, significantly enhancing the speed of web requests to your web application.

Thus, helping you maintain a healthy website with efficient traffic management.

Hire NetWeb Technologies Laravel developers today!

Laravel is one of the most powerful and versatile PHP frameworks available today, and our developers are experts at harnessing its capabilities to deliver outstanding results. 

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From initial concept to final deployment, our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed to your exact specifications. 

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