Top 10 Mobile App UI/UX Design Tools 2024

Imagine being lost in traffic, desperately following a mobile app for navigation that leaves you frustrated and confused. 

Cluttered maps, confusing directions, tiny buttons… ugh!  A frustrating first experience is a surefire way to lose users forever. 

And this is where having a great mobile app UI/UX design comes to your rescue.

Everyone says UI/UX makes your mobile app look aesthetic but It’s not just about the looks!  

Exceptional mobile app UI/UX hooks users, builds trust, and generates unexpected revenue by adding elements like intuitive interaction, smooth workflow, visual hierarchy, that will make the users come for more. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of having a great mobile app UI/UX design and what different mobile app UI/UX design tools can the designers use to build an intuitive mobile app design.

What is the importance of having a great mobile app UI/UX in place?

1. Acts as a magnet for enhancing user engagement

Your mobile app becomes enjoyable to use when it has an easy-to-use and intuitive UI.

Good recommendations and app store evaluations not only draw in new users, but also encourage existing ones to return for more.

A captivating user experience that promotes user loyalty and promotes your app’s long-term success is facilitated by smooth navigation, clear calls to action, and aesthetically pleasing aspects.

2. Ignites motion design 

A well-designed interface makes users comfortable, but strategically placed animations give a dynamic element that goes beyond static screens.

This appealing visual narrative draws users in and gives the app life, making it an incredibly immersive and interesting experience.

3. Boost your mobile app’s income

Making a good and simple first impression is vital for keeping users retained. You can maintain users’ installation and engagement with your app by prioritizing the user experience.

In addition to encouraging loyalty, this opens up possibilities for in-app purchases, subscription services and other features that bring in money. 

Recall that maintaining users’ interest and preventing them from moving to competitors requires regular upgrades that improve the user experience rather than merely technical features.

4. Shapes brand identity 

Visually appealing and well-crafted UI/UX design goes beyond aesthetics; it shapes your brand image and sets your app apart .

A positive user experience fosters a sense of trust and connection with your brand, leading to higher user satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

This translates to a more efficient and successful app, standing out from the competition and solidifying your brand’s reputation for delivering exceptional user experiences.

5. Secret weapon for efficient mobile apps

Strong UI/UX design saves time and money in the long term by decreasing development rework, lowering maintenance requirements, and increasing user engagement, resulting in a more efficient and successful mobile app.

Overall, UI/UX design is the invisible hand that shapes the user journey and, ultimately, determines your app’s success. It’s an investment that adds value, creates loyalty, and helps to overall business success.

Top 10 Mobile App UI/UX Design Tools

1. Figma

Figma is a platform and mobile app design tool that allows teams to collaborate on designs and is useful for creating mobile apps.

It brings the ideas to life in a design, wireframe, or prototype and unites everyone in your creative development. Figma completes everything online. This mobile app UI/UX design tool is browser-based, and while it has separate Windows and Mac OS programs, the browser version is usually recommended.


The features of figma that make it different from others are as following:-

  •  Beginner-Friendly Interface: Even individuals who are unfamiliar with UI/UX design may utilize Figma thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface.Teams can effectively begin their creative process thanks to this gentle learning curve.
  • Reusable Design Components: Figma’s potent design components help you achieve efficiency and consistency. These reusable components, such as buttons or icons, are simple to include into your designs, which will provide a unified style and save you time.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Use Figma’s real-time collaboration capability to promote smooth teamwork. Working on the same project concurrently allows multiple team members to streamline input and communication.
  • Strong Vector Editing capabilities: Figma’s powerful vector editing capabilities will let you unleash your creativity. These tools give flexibility for even the most complicated designs, with remarkable precision for generating and modifying intricate forms and routes.
  •  Design Systems for Consistency: Use the capabilities of Figma’s design system to keep efficiency and consistency throughout the design of your app. With the help of these tools, you can create a common repository for reusable elements, styles, and rules, giving your mobile app a consistent visual language.


  • Starter-free
  • Professional-$12/mo
  • Organization- $45/mo
  • Enterprise-$75/mo

2. Sketch

Despite being limited to the macOS operating system, Sketch is still a well-liked option for qualified UI/UX designers for designing a perfect mobile app.

Sketch, which is well-known for its abundance of capabilities, enables both individuals and groups to design outstanding user experiences.

Even routine design chores are made easier by its user-friendly interface and well thought-out features, which promote efficient productivity and teamwork on projects of all sizes. 

Features: The following characteristics of sketch set it apart from other programs:

  • Pixel-Perfect Precision: Sketch carefully considers every aspect while creating icons and images to ensure a smooth transition into your projects.
  • Strong Vector Editing: With Sketch’s vector editing features, you can unleash your imagination and create elaborate drawings with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Easy Prototyping: You can easily incorporate interactive aspects into your designs with Sketch’s user-friendly prototyping tools, which will help with user testing and feedback.
  • Reusable Design Templates: Pre-built design templates provide a strong basis for your projects while saving time and maintaining consistency.
  • Vast Plugin Ecosystem: With hundreds of integrations and plugins, Sketch may be expanded to meet a wide range of design requirements and improve workflow.


  • Standard Subscription -$10 monthly(30 days free trial)
  • Mac only license- $120 per seat
  • Business subscription-$20 monthly


Both native apps and browsers support It makes it possible for users to rapidly and simply create fully interactive mobile app designs.

It alters how web design, prototyping, and animation are done.’s greatest feature is how flexible it makes creating prototypes possible.

With this mobile app UI/UX design software may add variables, drag and drop pre-made animations and components onto your UI designs, and it will automatically apply them. Adobe and Sketch files can also be imported with this program.

Features: What makes different from other programs are these features: 

  • Unparalleled Interactivity: Craft realistic and engaging user experiences by incorporating various touch and mouse events. From double taps and pinch gestures to clicks, scrolls, and releases, lets you simulate real-world interactions for comprehensive testing.
  • Full Animation Control: Animate anything with stunning 60fps fluidity. Create eye-catching transitions with a range of effects, including moving, rotating, scaling, fading, and looping animations, to breathe life into your prototypes.
  • Device-Agnostic Design: Unleash your creativity across devices. Design for smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches by customizing screen sizes to virtually any device, ensuring a seamless user experience across different platforms.
  • Feedback & Sharing: Distribute your works with ease. Prototypes can be easily integrated into websites or distributed for feedback by exporting them in PDF, PNG, or HTML formats. This cooperative method encourages effective communication and iterative app design improvement.
  • Streamlined Workflow: provides easy-to-use features like the ability to import pre-existing designs from Adobe and Sketch and drag-and-drop component and animation functionality. By streamlining the design process, you can save a significant amount of time and work.


  • Freelancer-$24 per month
  • Startup-$40 per month
  • Agency-$80 per month
  • Corporate-$160 per month

4. Adobe XD

With Adobe XD, a vector-based mobile app UI/UX design tool, you can create a full-featured mobile app. Both Windows and Mac OS support it. Additionally, it offers you the ability to store documents on Adobe Cloud.

You can easily create interactive and UI designs using it, and users can test them across all devices.

Features: These characteristics set Adobe XD apart from other tools:  

  • Intuitive Interface and Learning Curve: Adobe XD is easy to use for people who are new to UI/UX design because of its intuitive interface and moderate learning curve. As a result, they may start producing captivating user experiences and grow up rapidly. Furthermore, regular upgrades and new features improve the platform’s functionality and keep it interesting.
  • Strong prototype and Animation: Adobe XD’s powerful prototype and animation features bring your designs to life . It produces realistic user-interaction interactive prototypes that let users interact with your design and offer insightful feedback for further development. To make the designs come to life, the platform also provides an extensive selection of animation possibilities.
  • Effective Design with Repeat Grids: This mobile app UI/UX design software allows you to use repeat grids in order  to streamline your design procedure. You can make many copies of an element with this capability, and the copies will automatically be arranged in a grid arrangement. Simple controls make it simple to change the spacing between elements, which will save time and guarantee consistency.
  • Reusable Components and Dynamic States: Components and component states help to increase efficiency and consistency. You can establish a design framework for your app using these reusable building elements. While each instance can be configured independently, modifications made to the “main” component affect all of its instances. Component states also enable you to make multiple iterations of a component and quickly transition between them in prototype and design mode, making the user experience dynamic and engaging.
  • Simplified Asset Management: It offers to use document assets to preserve efficiency and design coherence. You may save and reuse character styles, colors, and other design components throughout your project with this mobile app UI/UX design tool. These resources are kept in a shared document library alongside the components, which makes it easier to collaborate and guarantees that everyone is using the most recent iterations of the design elements. This is very helpful when establishing and preserving a unified design system across team members.


  • Individual-$9.99 per month
  • Students and teachers-$19.99 per month(All Apps)
  • Business-$33.99(Single App) per month
  • Business-$73.99(All Apps) per month

5. Invision 

With its versatile features and interfaces, Invision has emerged as a preferred mobile app UI/UX design platform for designers around.

It has shown to be a useful mobile app design tool for a number of design tasks, such as user experience, product, web, mobile, and web app design.

In order to allow teams to collaborate and produce interactive prototypes, designs, animations, and wireframes, digital project design and platform layering is performed.

Features: The features of Invision that distinguish it from other tools:-

  • Vector-based design: Invision gives users access to pre-designed user interface elements and vector-based drawing tools. It comes with artboards for creating vector-based designs for specific designs.
  • Real-time collaboration: Invision enables you to collaborate in real-time with your team members and receive feedback on designs from them.
  • Testing your design: You can test your designs using Invision. You may monitor how users engage with your design and pinpoint areas that require more attention by using its analytical capabilities and testing.
  • Adding assets: Invision lets you include resources in your project, enabling users to submit their own photos, icons, and design components. A pre-design object can also be chosen from the Invision library.
  • Animations: This mobile app design software gives users the ability to build designs that are both captivating and visually appealing with a variety of animations and interaction options.


  • Free-$0
  • Starter-$15 per month
  • Professional-$25 per month
  • Team- $100 per month

6. Framer 

Another crucial mobile app UI/UX design tool that lets you make incredibly realistic designs is called framer . It is clear that this is a top-notch platform for imaginative, engaging mobile app development.

With just a few lines of code, you can create states with overwrite, animate intricate interactions, and work with dynamic data all within the design tools. Alternatively, you may use hundreds of components that are accessible in their store to build it all by yourself as a designer.

Features:: The main features of Framer are as follow:-

  • Design components: Framer takes the ability to overwrite items to a new level. They are similar to symbols and sketches and are intended for reusable parts such as headers, navigation, and cards. Even the elements’ sizes and positions can be altered. As long as the structure is the same, one can actually rewrite almost anything.
  • Edit components: Within the Framer  canvas, you are able to directly alter the contents and properties of individual components. This lets you adjust how each component looks and behaves just right.
  • Stack feature:The stack feature allows you to group several layers together and configure automatic distribution and spacing. By simply dragging these components, you may even change their order.
  • Preview: This feature is incredibly responsive and convenient. It offers an incredibly extensive list of devices that you can set it to.
  • Showcasing designs: Using the invite button and an email address, you may use the extremely inventive capabilities of showcasing designs-framer  to ask developers to view the designs themselves.


  • Free- ₹0 per month
  • Mini-₹311 per month
  • Basic-₹544 per month
  • Pro-₹1,088 per month

7. Craft

Craft which is an invision plugin, allow you to seamlessly integrate with your already existing sketch or photoshop workflow. Its extensive toolset enhances prototyping and collaborative effort.Its sync feature ensures that your designs stay updated in real time.

Features: The features of of craft by Invision are given below-

  • Easy and intuitive Integration: Craft integrates easily with your current workflow, saving you from having to jump between separate programs to complete different design tasks.
  • Real-Time Sync: Craft’s real-time sync feature allows you to preserve efficiency and consistency. Your design program instantly updates to match the changes made in Craft, guaranteeing that everyone is using the most recent version.
  • Better Prototyping: It gives you the ability to make interactive prototypes right in your design software. This makes your workflow more efficient and enables real-time user testing and feedback.
  • Data Integration: It allows you to add real-world data from several sources, such as web APIs, public data sets, and even your own custom files, to your prototypes to make them more realistic.
  • Faster Design Process: Craft’s automation tools, such as the capacity to duplicate design elements with pixel-perfect accuracy, can help you streamline repetitive operations.


  • Free-$0
  • Starter-$15 per month
  • Professional-$25 per month
  • Team- $100 per month

8. UXPin 

UXPin redefines design creation by offering a code-powered approach, available in both desktop and web versions.

Unlike tools reliant on traditional graphics, UXPin empowers you to design using the building blocks of web development – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This unique feature ensures seamless collaboration with developers, as your designs are built with the same technologies, leading to a perfect match between vision and final product, streamlining the workflow and minimizing translation efforts.

Features: The features of UXPin are as follows:

  • Code-Powered Design: Utilizing UXPin’s innovative method, bridge the gap between design and development. Utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the basic building blocks of web development, you can ensure flawless conversion of your vision into the final product and seamless development collaboration.
  • Intuitive But Strong: UXPin has an intuitive user interface that reveals its powerful capabilities. Create high-fidelity, incredibly realistic prototypes with cutting-edge features like interactive states, variables, complex animations, and conditional logic.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Using UXPin’s collaborative platform to promote an atmosphere of cooperation is very effective. Teams are able to work on designs concurrently, promoting effective communication and mutual understanding.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard:  UXPin’s user-friendly dashboard navigates your design projects with ease. These three essential tabs improve workflow:-Projects,Design System and Manage your team.
  • Design System: UXPin uses a design system feature to maintain an unmatched level of design consistency. With its help, you may save and maintain UI patterns, colors, code, and documentation, giving you access to a conveniently available library of reusable components.


  • Essential-$6 /mo
  • Advanced-$29/mo
  • Professional-$69/mo
  • Company-$119/mo

9. Uizard

Uizard has revolutionized the design landscape with its cutting-edge AI features.

It’s ideal for designers looking for a quick and easy way to produce beautiful designs. With just a brief description of your idea, Uizard’s AI-powered “Autodesigner” gives you unparalleled control and enables you to create early mockups.

This releases you from having to start from scratch and allows you to swiftly and effectively explore design alternatives.

Features: Uizard empowers designers with a comprehensive suite of features, catering to both established professionals and those new to the field:-

  • AI-Powered Design: Uizard’s main feature is its “Autodesigner”, an AI tool that generates mockups based on your textual descriptions. This allows you to explore design concepts quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual creation from scratch.
  • Seamless Integration: It captures existing designs from screenshots, and Uizard’s AI automatically converts them into editable elements, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your new projects.
  • Textual Assistance: Uizard allows you to describe your design vision through text, and AI will intelligently suggest relevant features, saving your time and effort in finding the perfect design elements.
  • Intuitive Editing: Uizard’s easy-to-use editor makes navigating and customizing your designs a breeze. The intuitive interface allows for drag-and-drop functionality and straightforward access to various design tools.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Uizard’s collaboration features,Real-time editing capabilities and project sharing enable your team to work together effectively, ensuring everyone stays on the same page throughout the design process.


  • Free-$0
  • Pro-$12 per month
  • Business-$49 per month

10. Origami Studio   

Origami studio, an interactive prototyping tool for mobile app design. Facebook released Origami Studio and it is a free design program for Mac users. It enables interactive interface designers to quickly create and distribute their work.

Features: The outstanding features of origami studio are as follows:

  • Effortless Responsive Design: Origami Studio empowers the users to create layouts that adapt intelligently to different screen sizes and orientations. This eliminates the need for manually crafting multiple versions, streamlining your workflow. 
  • Build interactive components: It elevates your prototypes beyond static visuals by incorporating components that react to user input. Design elements that change appearance when hovered over, create dynamic menus, or simulate realistic sliders for an engaging, true-to-life prototyping experience. 
  • Photo Library: Origami studio integrates visuals directly from your device’s photo library into your prototypes. Experiment with different images within your design without the hassle of external imports, saving you time.
  • Audio Metering: It adds a new dimension to prototypes by designing visualizations that react to live or recorded audio input. Imagine audio progress bars, sound-reactive game elements, or interactive experiences powered by sound.
  • Tactual Feedback: It simulates the vibrations of your device, enhancing the user experience and providing tactile responses to interactions.


This tool created by Facebook is free for Mac users.

What mobile app UI/UX design tool does NetWeb Technologies use? 

At NetWeb Tech, our enthusiastic UI/UX specialists use the strength of top mobile app UI/UX design tools to create remarkable mobile app experiences. 

With an emphasis on mobile app development, Adobe XD provides a wide range of tools, such as vector design, prototyping, and animation capabilities. 

This gives our team the ability to produce beautiful, interactive mobile app design that keep with the highest standards of quality. 

Furthermore, real-time, seamless collaboration is promoted via the cloud-based platform of Figma. Our capacity to provide outstanding mobile app UI solutions is further enhanced by its user-friendly interface, variety of design templates, and strong tools.

Our company often produces high-quality mobile app designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional by utilizing the capabilities of these the most advanced mobile app UI/UX design tools.

Reasons to select NetWeb Tech as your mobile app UI/UX design partner

1. Design expertise meets creative vision

Netweb Technology understands that crafting a captivating mobile app user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) demands more than just technical knowledge.

Our designers are not only well-versed in the technical aspects, but also possess exceptional creative vision. This allows us to translate your unique concept into a visually stunning and user-friendly app that resonates with your target audience.

2. Bridging the gap: Understanding your vision is key

Netweb Technology’s designers don’t just create; they collaborate. We understand the importance of truly grasping your vision for the app.

Their expertise allows them to readily understand your needs and translate them into a tangible design that surpasses expectations. This bridge of understanding ensures that the final product reflects your vision seamlessly.

3. Transparency and collaboration

At Netweb Technology, we believe in transparency and collaboration. Throughout the design process, we will keep you informed and involved, ensuring your voice is heard.

This open communication allows you to provide feedback and shape the app together, ultimately creating a truly unique and successful product.

Netweb Technology’s commitment to exceptional design, coupled with our focus on understanding your vision and fostering collaboration, makes us your ideal mobile app UI/UX design partner for bringing your mobile app dreams to life.

So don’t let your app idea stay a dream any longer. Partner with NetWeb Tech, a leading mobile app development company, to turn your vision into reality.

We combine cutting-edge technology, experienced designers, and competitive pricing to deliver custom mobile app UI/UX services that engage users and drive results. Ready to level up your app? Let’s discuss your project!

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