9 Best No-Code App Builders In 2024

The increasing popularity of no-code app development is a sign of a fundamental shift in the way people think and use software and apps.

As coding requires a deep understanding of programming languages, those without coding experience have had difficulty producing apps in the past.

However, the rise of no-code app development platforms has made it easier to develop mobile apps, enabling a larger group of people to write sophisticated and practical programs without knowing how to write code

As per Grand View Research, the no-code industry is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.3% between 2023 and 2030.

This rapid growth of no-code app development can be linked to its revolutionary influence on accessibility and efficacy within the technology industry.

These top no-code app builders which we will be discussing in this blog have removed the need for deep coding knowledge by enabling business analysts, entrepreneurs, and non-technical professionals to participate in the app-building process actively.

They have accelerated app development timelines and opened doors for innovation from various individuals and organisations by fostering a culture of creativity and adaptation in the always-changing technology landscape.

Top 9 No-code app builders in 2024

1. Bubble.io

bubble io no code app development

Bubble is the only full-stack, no-code app builder where users can create fully functional web and mobile apps quickly and easily without any prior coding knowledge.

Easy customization is made possible via the drag-and-drop editor, which makes app creation simpler. Bubble also has a large plugin and integration library, which improves functionality and makes it possible to create complex features for the apps.

Best for- developers and business owners seeking an agreement between control and usability.

Standout Feature– Bubble makes advanced app creation more accessible by providing a solid foundation that doesn’t compromise usability.

Pricing- There is a free basic plan accessible; premium options that address various development needs start at $25 per month.


  • Quick building of unique software
  • Lower development expenses
  • Enhanced versatility and expansion
  • Rapid iteration, depending on user feedback 
  • Wide range of templates

2. Flutterflow


Using Flutter as its technology, Flutterflow.io is particularly good for creating no-code, cross-platform native apps. Think of it as Webflow for mobile applications.

With its perfect responsive designs that easily adjust to different screen sizes because of its strong and user-friendly design tools, it improves the user experience.

Users can use this no-code app development platform’s dynamic capabilities to create enjoyable user experiences and contribute to determining the future of UI/UX.

Best for- Programmers that want to design mobile applications that operate cross-platform.

Standout Feature- Excels at creating apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Pricing- The basic version is accessible for free, and the premium version starts at $22/month.


  • No-code Development
  • Visual Interface
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Built-In Widgets
  • Responsive Design

3. Softr

softr build apps fast

Softr, a no-code app development platform, empowers users to create a variety of apps effortlessly, utilizing either Google Sheets or an Airtable database.

Whether constructing a client portal, e-commerce app, online marketplace, or workflow management system, Softr excels. Its standout feature lies in its accessibility, requiring no coding expertise—a key aspect of its purpose as a user-friendly tool.

Best For- Users and business owners who are new to developing apps.

Standout Feature- Anyone can create an app with Softr because of its simple UI and wide range of templates.

Pricing-  Various options are available to suit varying project sizes and complexities, with a starting price of $24/month.


  • Quick prototyping
  • constructing an integrated payment system
  • Reactivity on mobile devices
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • User management system

4. Thunkable

thunkable build apps without code

Without having any prior coding knowledge, native mobile apps for iOS and Android can be easily created using Thunkable, a platform that builds apps without code.

Users may easily create reliable and fully working apps with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components. Through the use of a visual programming language, the platform provides more customization choices that enable customers to personalize their apps.

Best For- Anyone wishing to develop apps that work on both iOS and Android devices, from professionals to enthusiasts.

Standout Feature- Thunkable’s drag-and-drop interface makes creating apps that function flawlessly across platforms remarkably simple.

Pricing- Pro plans begin at $21/month; a free version is also available.


  • No prior coding knowledge is necessary.
  • Capacity to develop complex characteristics for applications
  • Simple teamwork
  • Reasonable prices
  • Vast support system and community

5. Jotform

jotform create no code apps

Jotform is a no-code app development company that has completely changed the way people build applications by offering simple solutions to those who don’t know how to code. Jotform makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create, modify, and implement online forms and apps with its simple user interface and large template collection. 

Best For- The most popular online form and survey development and management tool without coding knowledge is Jotform’s no-code app builder.

Standout Feature- The vast collection of more than 10,000 modifiable templates, which simplifies the process of developing no-code applications for a range of uses.

Pricing- There is a free basic plan available; the pro plan starts at $25 per month.


  • User Friendly
  • Extensive Template Library
  • No-Code Development
  • Versatility
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Cost-effective options

6. Glide

glide no code app builder

Glide is a no-code app builder that offers an effortless solution for crafting mobile applications.

With its advanced layout and seamless functionality, it proves to be the optimal choice for mobile platforms. Its excellent designs minimize the need for extensive modifications, allowing for swift and efficient customization.

Best For- Consumers and small companies that want to develop simple-to-operate yet powerful mobile applications.

Standout Feature- How fast it can convert spreadsheets into useful mobile applications.

Pricing- Basic access is available for free; pro plans begin at $32/month.


  • Low-cost apps 
  • readily scalable
  • Updates in real-time
  • Capabilities offline
  • Ready-made templates

7. Builder.ai

builder ai no code app development platform

With its strong visual content management system, Builder.ai, an innovative no-code app builder, leads the way in the production and administration of dynamic app content.

Builder.ai enables people to develop and modify content without the need for technical knowledge by providing real-time collaborative editing. It is revolutionizing application development and maintenance with an emphasis on adaptability and user-friendliness.

Best For- Builder.ai is best for creating and managing dynamic, customizable app content without coding.

Standout Feature- Using any tech stack, create and optimize digital experiences visually. Developer authorized; no coding is needed.

Pricing- Basic access is available for free; pro plans begin at $19/month


  • AI Section Generation
  • AI Editing
  • Artboard Mode
  • Inline Editing
  • Localize Any Component
  • Real-Time Collaboration

8. Adalo

adalo no code app creator

Adalo is a user-friendly no-code app development platform that makes it simple to create apps without any coding knowledge. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and easily accessible tools enabled an easy process for both design and development.

It offered a simple method for creating the optimal user experience for my project, whether I choose to use ready-made elements or create my own.

Best For-  Individuals working alone or in small groups who want a simple and effective approach to developing web and mobile applications.

Standout Feature- Adalo’s drag-and-drop interface makes developing apps as simple as producing a presentation.

Pricing- Basic use is available for free, and premium subscriptions start at $50 per month. The cost varies according to the size and complexity of the projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Full control of designs
  • Learn the basics of database management and development
  • Affordable packages
  • The backup system

9. Backendless

backendless build apps quickly

Backendless, while not beginner-friendly, facilitates the creation of distinctive apps without the need for programming skills. The visually intuitive interface captures the user’s attention, allowing for swift and easy design, development, and deployment of apps. Notably, Backendless supports the construction of apps for iOS, Android, and the web, adding to its versatility.

Best For- With no need for code, this visual app development platform makes it simple to create and maintain apps.

Standout Feature- You may create the user interface of your app with Backendless’ visual UI Builder. 

Pricing- Starting at zero with the Springboard plan, pricing scales in the cloud, or with the limitless Pro and Managed plans that include premium support.


  • Fast speed and efficiency
  • Push Notifications
  • More control over the design
  • Better collaboration among team members
  • Enhanced security features
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Build high-performing custom apps solutions without writing a single line of code

Lets get started

Why NetWeb Technologies use Bubble.io and Flutterflow?


  • Bubble.io makes it possible for users to develop web apps quickly and easily without the requirement for traditional coding knowledge.
  • The platform has a drag-and-drop visual development interface that lets users build and prototype apps, which improves the user experience and expedites development.
  • Bubble.io facilitates scalable applications, allowing projects of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations, to be completed with simplicity. This guarantees adaptability as your application expands.
  • The platform comes with a built-in database that typically removes the need for external databases and facilitates data management and archiving.
  • With this amazing no-code app builder, we can fully customize the UI and UX of the apps we develop for our clients.
  • When it comes to the data structure and general performance of our no-code apps, Bubble.io provides exceptional versatility.


  • It is a no-code app builder that enables users to construct native mobile and web apps. It is based on Google’s Flutter SDK. 
  • It combines the strength of Flutter with the efficiency of a graphical user interface, enabling the creation of visually attractive, high-performing apps on several platforms with a single codebase. 
  • The app development process is made much more accessible to both inexperienced and seasoned developers using this method.
  • App development is made quick and easy using FlutterFlow’s visual interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and various pre-built components.
  • Programmers may create cross-platform apps with a single codebase using FlutterFlow, which is built on Flutter and ensures consistency between the iOS and Android platforms.
  • The platform allows teams to work on projects concurrently, which expedites development deadlines and fosters productive teamwork.

Wrapping up

The growth of no-code app builders signals a new age in which anybody may develop without needing to have significant coding experience.

These no-code app development tools offer the power to transform your concept into reality, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone with a creative notion.

Choosing the best no-code app creation platform with exceptional support from suppliers and an extensive user base that can supply your project with crucial data is essential. 

The complex nature of the project will determine which no-code app builder is best for you. Because of this, it’s usually advised to hire an experienced app developer or a no-code app development company to work on your application, especially if there is room for future expansion.

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