Most Essential On-Demand Beauty Service App Features

The way that customers receive services has changed as a result of the recent massive increase in the use of on-demand apps.

These applications, which provide us ease and enable us to work with anything from food delivery to beauty services, have had a significant effect on our daily routines.

One significant development in this on-demand revolution is the rise of beauty service apps, which allow users to conveniently schedule and benefit from personalised beauty treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

According to Statista, the on-demand beauty service will have a sharp surge, rising from $128.59 billion in revenue last year to $190.82 billion in 2024.

The days of standing in long lines at spas or salons are long gone, as on-demand beauty service applications meet the increasing need for convenience and flexibility. 

Users can now connect with experienced beauty specialists who provide their expertise right to their homes with a few clicks on a smartphone. 

The way the beauty business has changed throughout time is an indication of a significant cultural shift in which technology is being used to improve and simplify numerous aspects of our everyday lives.

Let’s explore the special on-demand beauty services app features that users may benefit from!

What is an on-demand beauty service app?

An on-demand beauty services app is a tool that connects skilled beauticians with customers to provide the services at their preferred locations.

Instead of visiting a salon or spa, clients can use these applications to schedule pedicures, hairstyles, nail trims, nail medications, and other fantastic options.

Top 13 on-demand beauty service app features

1. Social sign-up

The primary feature of apps that provide on-demand beauty services is the social sign-up option. Customers can sign in or enrol using their online social accounts (such as Google or Facebook).

The setup process becomes quicker because users can quickly and simply create profiles and don’t have to spend much time filling out forms. Social sign-up makes it simple and quick to access the app, which improves the user experience overall and saves time.

2. Geolocation to search for beauty service providers

Geolocation is another essential feature that makes it simple for customers to find beauty service providers in their area. The app uses GPS to determine the user’s location and presents a list of local beauty experts who are accessible. 

This functionality makes the on-demand beauty experience more convenient and immediate by guaranteeing that consumers can find and schedule services from nearby providers.

3. In-app text and calling

In-app texting and calling are services that on-demand beauty service applications provide to help customers and service providers communicate.

This enables direct communication through the application between clients and specialists to discuss particular requirements, ask queries, or resolve concerns.

A smoother information flow and improved customer-service provider interaction are the results of in-app communication, which also improves the overall quality of the service experience.

4. Hassle-free appointment scheduling/rescheduling

Apps for on-demand beauty services make arranging appointments easier by providing convenient scheduling and rescheduling options. It is simple for users to select the time slots of their choice, check the availability of service providers, and make changes as needed. 

This function minimises scheduling issues and speeds up the booking process by giving professionals and clients alike freedom.

5. Real-time navigation tracking

One useful tool that lets clients follow their designated beauty professional as they head to their appointment is real-time navigation tracking.

This makes the on-demand beauty service more reliable and trustworthy overall by guaranteeing transparency and giving customers a real-time estimate of when the service provider will come.

6. Seamless customer support

Customer assistance is an essential component of every service-oriented application. Apps for on-demand beauty services place a high priority on providing smooth customer care with a friendly and responsive system to handle any questions, complaints, or problems that customers may run into. 

By ensuring that users feel supported throughout their encounter with the app, this feature helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Service review and ratings

On-demand beauty service applications provide a service review and rating system to promote transparency and confidence. By rating and reviewing their interactions with beauty professionals, users may assist others in making accurate decisions. 

Customers may choose specialists based on real customer experiences because of this feature, which also encourages service providers to maintain high standards of quality.

8. Appointment reminders via push notifications

On-demand beauty service applications use push notifications as reminders to lessen the chance of missed appointments. In addition to keeping users organised, users receive timely reminders about making appointments, which guarantees that customers and service providers agree to the planned services.

9. Enable customisation

One element that fits personal preferences is the capacity to modify services. Users of on-demand beauty service applications can indicate their preferences and requirements so that the service they receive is tailored to meet their specific needs.

The ability to customise this function improves the user experience by providing unique beauty options.

10. Create an online shop

Some applications for on-demand beauty services also provide an online store in addition to services. Through the app, users can browse and buy beauty goods immediately, making it a one-stop store. 

By giving customers the ease of purchasing services and goods from inside the same application, this functionality enhances the platform.

11. Automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing is a common feature of on-demand beauty service applications, which helps speed the payment process. Users receive an automatic invoice outlining the services provided and related expenses as soon as the service is finished.

This simplifies financial transactions and improves the efficiency and transparency of the payment process.

12. Doorstep service and professional verification

Applications for on-demand beauty services are based on the idea of doorstep service. Customers can conveniently order beauty services from the comfort of their homes, offices, or other locations.

These apps prioritise expert verification, guaranteeing the skills and reliability of the beauty subject matter specialists, further improving client safety and security.

13. Knowledge base for educating app users

On-demand beauty service applications use knowledge bases to improve customer understanding and engagement. This feature offers wellness and beauty-related techniques, articles, and advice. 

This on-demand beauty service app feature ensure that they make the correct decisions when utilising the app’s services, users may use this resource to educate themselves on a variety of topics related to beauty care.

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