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About Bidmii

Bidmii is a game-changer, an all-in-one platform that’s rewriting the rulebook on how home improvement projects get done. It’s not just a tool; it’s a smoother, simpler way of life for homeowners, contractors, and real estate agents. Imagine a dynamic, customizable tagging system that effortlessly brings together homeowners and trusted contractors. With Bidmii, you can describe your project with precision, leaving no room for confusion. Contractors, in turn, can easily sort and filter projects, even using saved tags for their favorite jobs. It’s a time-saver, a frustration-buster, and a game-changer, all rolled into one.

The Client

Bidmii is a revolutionary all-in-one platform that simplifies the home improvement bidding and payment process, making life easier for homeowners, contractors, and real estate agents. This dynamic and customizable tagging system makes it easy and automatic to create projects with reliable and trusted contractors. Bidmii allows homeowners to identify and describe their projects without errors or misunderstandings. Contractors can then sort and filter projects and even implement saved or preferred tags, saving time and eliminating clarification calls.

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Business Category


Home Improvement and Contractor Scheduling Platform

Bidmii is a pioneering platform that reshapes the landscape of home improvement and contractor scheduling. It isn’t just an app; it’s a transformative force that simplifies and redefines how homeowners, contractors, and real estate agents interact in the realm of home improvement. Bidmii is the bridge that connects homeowners with trusted contractors, making the entire process more efficient and hassle-free.

Team Size

Bidmii's journey to excellence was a collective effort, carefully orchestrated by a dedicated team. This team was not just about numbers; it was about bringing together the right mix of skills and expertise needed to tackle the multifaceted challenges of the project. Every member played a crucial role in ensuring that each aspect of Bidmii was handled with precision and care.


Understanding the financial scope of the project was critical. Bidmii embarked on this journey with a clear understanding that every investment needed to be judiciously allocated to maximize value. The financial strategy was tailored to align with specific project requirements and scope, ensuring that every dollar spent translated into tangible benefits for the users.

Tech Stack

Bidmii harnessed the power of technology to craft a user-friendly platform. Their tech stack included React Native, a versatile tool chosen for its capacity to deliver a responsive and intuitive user interface. It was a deliberate choice to ensure that every user interaction with Bidmii was not just functional but also a delightful experience.


The project timeline was well crafted, taking into consideration the intricate development and testing phases. Meeting deadlines was paramount to Bidmii, as it allowed them to swiftly bring their innovative solution to the market. It ensured that homeowners and contractors could benefit from Bidmii's features without unnecessary delays.

Key Features

Goals as a Technical Partner

NetWeb Technologies played a pivotal role as a technical partner in Bidmii’s journey. Their goals were intricately aligned with Bidmii’s objectives:

Enhancing Efficiency

The overarching goal was to enhance the efficiency of home improvement and contracting processes. This meant simplifying how homeowners and contractors connected, making it quicker and easier for both parties to find the right match. Efficiency was the cornerstone of Bidmii's vision.

Improving User Experience

Beyond technical aspects, the core goal was to create an exceptional user experience. Bidmii aimed to provide homeowners and contractors with a platform that was not just functional but also user-friendly and intuitive. They wanted their users to feel at ease and confident when using the platform.

The Challenges

The journey towards creating Bidmii was not without its share of challenges

User Onboarding

One of the critical challenges was to onboard contractors and bidders efficiently. Bidmii wanted to provide flexibility, allowing users to select their desired roles within the platform. Balancing flexibility with ease of use was a delicate task.

Payment Handling

Managing payments among various stakeholders can be intricate. Bidmii needed a solution that simplified and streamlined this process, ensuring that every financial transaction was accurate and secure.

Progress Tracking

Every home improvement project has its unique journey, and tracking progress is vital. Bidmii aimed to develop a tracking component that allowed both homeowners and contractors to monitor ongoing projects accurately. This component ensured that projects stayed on course and met their deadlines, a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Our client is the market leader in its industry, and to maintain this position, the company sets high goals. Despite its dominant position, the company recognizes that there is room for improvement, and therefore for more success. This initially meant that the Bidmii team selected NetWeb Technologies as a flexible solution provider.
Bidmii approached NetWeb with the idea of creating an automated marketplace where homeowners could easily hire reliable and trustworthy contractors to complete their projects, and contractors could easily connect with qualified homeowners so they could focus on getting the job done. NetWeb Technologies was tasked with delivering the solution, which was enhanced with support services to address the biggest issues faced by homeowners, contractors, and tradespeople.

Some notable challenges

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The Solution We Provided

To address these challenges, NetWeb Technologies embarked on a journey of comprehensive research and data indexing. The result was the Bidmii mobile application, a trusted and innovative platform that made home renovations easier for both homeowners and contractors. Key solutions included:


Streamlined Marketplace

Bidmii's platform offered a comprehensive solution for the Canadian home improvement industry. It empowered homeowners to receive quotes from multiple professionals, allowing them to compare prices and the quality of work before making an informed decision. This feature simplified the decision-making process and ensured that homeowners could find the right contractor with ease.

Efficient Payment System

A robust architecture was proposed to handle multiple bidding and payment processes efficiently. This was not just about making transactions seamless; it was about ensuring that every financial interaction within Bidmii was secure and transparent. Contractors, bidders, and the application itself could trust the payment system.


Progress Tracking

A progress tracking component was introduced, enabling precise monitoring of ongoing job statuses. This feature ensured that projects stayed on course and met their deadlines. Homeowners and contractors could have complete visibility into each project's journey, fostering trust and satisfaction.

The Solution We Provided

NetWeb Technologies indexed the company’s entire data sources during the research phase. We developed the Bidmii mobile application to create a trusted and innovative platform that makes the renovation process and experience easier for homeowners and contractors. Bidmii’s platform provides an end-to-end solution for the Canadian home improvement industry by making it easy to get quotes from multiple professionals in your area, so homeowners can compare prices and quality of work before deciding who to hire. Bidmii’s software and two-way rating system help contractors build and establish trust with customers while saving valuable time spent travelling to get bids on projects.

Technologies Deployed

React Native

For Front End mobile application.

Technologies Deployed

React Native for the front-end mobile application:

React Native was chosen for its ability to create a responsive and intuitive user interface. It ensured that Bidmii users could navigate the platform effortlessly, no matter their level of technical expertise.


The Outcome

Bidmii’s vision became a reality, and their platform delivered significant benefits to both homeowners and contractors


Establishing Market Leadership

Bidmii started as a startup with a project idea. Today, they lead the Canadian renovation industry, a testament to their success. They went beyond being a startup; they became market leaders, reshaping how home improvement projects are managed and executed.


Streamlined Bidding

The platform streamlined the bidding process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Homeowners no longer had to sift through endless listings to find the right contractor. Bidmii's platform simplified the process, allowing homeowners to connect with reliable contractors effortlessly.


Simplified Payments

Managing payments in the home improvement industry can be complex. Bidmii simplified payment procedures for all parties involved. Contractors, bidders, and the application itself could trust the financial system to handle transactions accurately and securely.


Automated Processes

Through automation, Bidmii enhanced user-friendliness. Homeowners and contractors could navigate the platform with ease, knowing that many of the complex tasks were handled seamlessly behind the scenes. This automation not only saved time but also reduced the likelihood of errors and misunderstandings.

If Bidmii’s journey has inspired you, and you have an innovative app idea of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out. NetWeb Technologies is here to provide you with sophisticated and actionable development solutions that can help your business grow and thrive. Whether you’re a startup or an established player, NetWeb Technologies has the expertise to give life to your business idea.


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