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This case study is about utilizing the potential of digital technologies to move the hospital a step forward and make it more accessible to people. The goal was to develop a digital solution that benefits doctors, medical staff, and hospital employees and helps manage their processes more effectively.

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To dramatically improve care coordination, the careMESH healthcare communications platform combines a nationwide provider directory, admission/discharge alerts, care transition workflow tools, and secure communications into a single service.
The cloud-based services provided by careMESH empower hospitals and healthcare systems & agencies, and physician groups to communicate about patients more efficiently, maintain absolute control over when and where information is shared, and reduce reliance on outdated tools like fax and telephone calls.

Client Challenge

careMESH initially contacted NetWeb Technologies to migrate the older web application to the newer version of react, to get the new functionalities and we also had to migrate the UI of the project that is from material UI 1 to material UI 4. But the challenge was to execute the whole thing without letting the application crash. Which would have been more time-consuming and high-priced.

So, later after a detailed discussion with the client, the proposed project was to develop a web application incorporating old functionalities like before within the newer version.

The Solution We Provide

NetWeb experts proposed a well defined guideline to follow when migrating from one step to another. We also tested the functionality with older versions. Apart from this we followed the docs to find the best and optimized solutions to the migration issues. The final outcome was a comprehensive software system that was both adaptable and capable of keeping up with technology developments while also managing the ever-changing healthcare market.
Comprehensive Web Development Services

Technologies We Deployed

Check out the technologies used to create an interface that was easy, intuitive, and engaging to use for hospital employees.


Used as a UI Framework for creating frontend pages

Material UI

For the UI Design


In order to control the migration errors and problems

Final Outcomes We Delivered

When creating the platform, our expert team identified the client’s pain point. The system we developed incorporates patient scheduling, task management, intelligent patient workflows, templates and order sets, and other features. The project was completed successfully before the deadline, and the UI was flawless. We considered our job done when our client really liked our work and was all praises of our team.
Admin and doctors can get their own inbox for easy and secure exchange of information. This app has its own secure mailing system and the user can mail anyone regarding:

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