Contractor Management System

Subcontractor Spend Reporting Portal


The case study showcases how NetWeb Technologies created a web application that leverages the latest technologies to help the user in managing subcontractors, spending details, and contracts year-wise.

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Client Challenge

NetWeb Technologies was contacted to develop a best-in-class contract management platform to structure and connect every kind of contract and related aspects. The basic idea behind this project was to allow the prime users to feed total spendings and related data of subcontractors and allow admin users to track the spent amount on subcontractors and contracts.

Two major challenges we faced during this project were:

Authentication system with 2 different 3rd party services based on user security group type.

Applying Encryption and decryption methodology on database columns that belong to customer data.

The Solution We Provided

Experts at NetWeb Technologies proposed the way to handle both authentication services which generate the common JWT tokens after successful logins and merge both login details into a single JWT token, which helps us to handle authorization with a single service for future processes. Encryption and decryption of data was important, because of security reasons and data privacy policy. So we completed this with the help of SQL Server Data Encryption and decryption services and created a library to make this compatible with Node.js.
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technologies We Deployed

Check out the robust technologies used to integrate user-friendly features into the contract management platform.


Used as a UI Framework for creating frontend pages.

Serverless Azure functions Node.js

We used Azure Function App for creating APIs which works as middleware to perform all the business logic.

Microsoft SQL Server database

Used to store the data and used to contain all the SQL scripts. Azure resources are used to store the files and media files.

Final Outcomes We Delivered

Before the given deadline NetWeb Technologies successfully delivered a contract management web application to the client. With the use of this app, users can get a friendly and powerful web app that allows them with a compliance solution that provides high-visibility into its sub-contractor workforce. Our client was able to rapidly and easily acquire all relevant information from personnel, no matter where they were, after transitioning from a paper-based procedure to a real-time digital system. This data is subsequently fed into live dashboards, providing management with complete visibility into its subcontractors.


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