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Covault Technologies is a privately held firm located in Victoria, British Columbia. Covault offers a platform that allows you to create beautiful digital brochures and ads. Spearheaded by Covault Technologies and the solution developed by NetWeb Tech helps realtors create beautiful, modern digital brochures easily and quickly.

Client Challenge

When we initially discussed the project- Covault Technologies briefed us about their requirements in terms of basic functioning. Client approached NetWeb Tech to help implement stripe functionality, get modified, and created many other functionalities, including Coupon functionality with various features to bypass the stripe payment type too. After the completion of the initial assignment, Covault Technologies approached NetWeb Tech back to take up the full project, and help translate their vision of co-marketing software for connecting brands and retailers, powered by data science and market-driven insights.

Social Templates

Covault Technologies wanted social templates to be downloaded as Images and can be posted on Facebook as well.

Print (Brochures) Templates

Client required these templates to be downloaded as PDF or get a shareable link for sharing it further.

Automatically populated templates with images on searching a particular keyword.

Stripe integration with a recurring subscription. With subscription comes user limits that vary according to plans.

Our Solution

Covault Technologies had an abundance of research underlying the concept of “Co-marketing software,” and how to improve it for connecting brands and retailers. We designed the admin panel with various functions such as manage user, stripe plan management, and view with subscribed plan info and testing. Keeping every essential factor and target users in mind, we built a sterling wireframe for this project. Some of the notable solutions provided by NetWeb Tech in this project include:

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Technologies used for Covault App

With the help of the tools mentioned below, we curated a platform that has a plethora of templates to create and share on different social media channels and mediums. A glimpse of the Hard Work Of the NetWeb Tech Expert team to Make the Covault App a Reality:


Admin panel and all the stripe related API’s


The database related to login’s user info, stripe details, and Coupon


The print templates fetches and new login logo checks

React Js

The Front End Development

Node js

With docker for login and image upload to S3 bucket

The Results

Using the foundation created in the Design Thinking session, our experts developed – an intuitive and engaging solution designed to help users build and improve their marketing programs that impact local markets facilitated via Covault App. Covault’s cloud-based platform works with brands and channel partners to build advanced MDF/co-op marketing programs. Manage digital assets, deploy to media channels, and review performance in real-time – all with rapid access to funding.

Key accomplishments of the covault app include

The Covault app is playing a vital role in supporting ultimate user control and flexibility. Covault’s cloud-based platform works with brands and channel partners to build advanced MDF and co-op marketing programs that strike local markets. Use the Covault app to create beautiful digital content directly from MLS listings. Sell more and faster with high-conversion content – and deliver a quality customer experience. These templates are built using the latest in data science insights. You’ll benefit from proven, engaging layouts that grab buyers’ attention and create a strong emotional connection. Additionally, you can manage digital assets, deploy to media channels, and review performance in real-time – all in the shortest amount of time and with access to funding.

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