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The Client is a trusted telemedicine (virtual care) provider that connects you with professional medical care, from the convenience of your location and on your schedule. has been operating virtual health care clinics since 2012. Their team has a successful track record of providing primary health care to thousands of patients, saving them time, money, and effort.

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The Challenge

Rising health care costs, increased demand for services, impossible appointments, long commutes, and age are just a few of the many reasons patients have difficulty seeing their doctors. It’s also inconvenient to travel to the doctor’s office for routine health monitoring. wanted to go a step further and add real-time capabilities to the portal to provide seamless, customized integration to solve these problems. was looking for a partner that could provide the following services:

The Solution We Provide

After analyzing all of the client’s requirements, we proposed a solution that would allow them to deliver consumer-facing resources and utilities directly from the dashboard. We performed a diversity of tasks in various technologies such as Laravel, WordPress, Vue.js, Mysql, Third-party Rest Apis, Google Analytics/Google ads for conversions based on complex scenarios. In a nutshell, we automated lots of tasks for

Functionality to store Information to track the visitors that are coming on the website - referrer, IP address, page counts, etc. Basically, this function tracks which visitor belongs to which referral partner and who has made a booking on the website.

This also involves tracking to be done in the Google platform for conversions based on complex scenarios (includes - Google analytics, Google ads, Google tag manager) and WordPress plugins.

Technologies Used

Google Analytics/ Google Ads

Created dashboard in Laravel as per the requirements to perform various tasks and also extended it further to support their requirements.

Technologies Used


Functionality to fetch the XML file from the FTP server each day and log each change and send it to a specified email. It executes every day at a specific time

Technologies Used


We fetched emails from the mail server & third-party servers using the IMAP facility and stored them in the database.

Technologies Used

Ocean CognisantMD

The functionality to upload patient appointment records and specialist details. Also, send a fax to a specialist with their respective patients through 3rd party fax service. OR If patient details don't match with the specialist, then it will display those records, and it will be downloadable to Xls to be fixed.

We also need to maintain a report for sent faxes with their current status fetched from 3rd party fax service using REST Apis provided.

Technologies Used

SRFAX (3rd party service)

Integrated converse.js into their dashboard, so that signed in-person can chat with various users that belong to XMPP protocol-based server i.e. Tigase server.

Technologies Used


The Outcomes We Delivered

Thanks to NetWeb’s unique expertise and’s years of experience in providing telecare solutions to the healthcare industry, the collaboration has resulted in one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions available. now has a customized and unified web portal solution that provides excellent telemedicine services. In addition, our client has noticed a significant difference in traffic after working with us.

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