Reporting Portal | SteelMclean Barbers

Client Introduction

Founded in 1996, SteelMclean Barbers is a luxury salon for men, women, and children specializing in a wide range of hair care needs and hair care products for men and women. SteelMclean’s mission is to provide exceptional services that enhance people’s appearance and feel. SteelMclean’s barbers continue to reinvent the experience by consistently offering services that meet hair care needs and strive to provide the best experience for their clients.

Project Introduction

This software assists with reports for sales, customers, products, services, marketing, employees, operations, marketing and online booking. With real-time reports, you can determine the best path for long-term growth, view key performance metrics, and gather vital information. With this portal, clients can easily access all the data required to strategize, stay organized, and grow!

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Client Challenge

Staff time was consumed by tasks like booking phone reservations, and our client wanted to free up that time so they could focus on the customer experience. SteelMclean Barbers also wanted to give their customers the opportunity to book appointments at their leisure, rather than having to wait for the salon to open. SteelMclean Barbers also needed the ability to manage appointment booking, reports, inventory memberships, and billing from one place. The biggest problem for us was to analyze this complete new concept, to understand every facet of the system, its workflows, all the basic operations and the interactions between each of the key entities involved in the networks.

Notable Findings From Client Discussions:

Improve customer experience

Need for managing various aspects of SteelMclean's business

Add multiple services providers based on admin, service provider, and employee end.

The Solution We Provide

The path to end-to-end solutions was fraught with difficulties. However, our adherence to the target led us to successfully deliver the solution on time and on budget.

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Technologies We Deployed


This framework is used to build API’s


Used for frontend like admin, provider, employee


Used for databases.


Used to make 2 mobile apps first regarding customer end, and the second app is used for service provider and employee end.

Android App

Used to make 2 mobile apps first regarding customer end, and the second app is used for service provider and employee end.

Final Outcome

We agreed on milestones and deliverables with the client and delivered the app in a continuous delivery model within the specified timeframe. We also created a reporting module for the staff and service provider side to track their income, expenses, and all financial details. We completed the entire scope of work in accordance with the client’s specifications and expectations. Since the first day the client launched this service, they have had a good number of clients, and the number of appointments has increased day by day.

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