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Work Scheduling Application


Scheduling employees and staff is a difficult and error-prone process for many companies. Therefore, smart scheduling should be used to simplify communication and maximize productivity. After all, in order to properly manage your work-in-progress, you must also manage your employees. With this work scheduling module, you can efficiently manage your staff while keeping everyone on the same page. The core features of our software include creating and sending automatic invoices to clients after calculating the working hours of employees at client locations. It also helps in generating reports that help agencies understand turnover on a monthly, annual, employee, client, and departmental basis. The staff scheduling module is an ideal addition to the comprehensive management of circulating and fixed assets.

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The Challenge

The client contacted NetWeb Technologies with the decision to adopt an alternative solution that included the need to find a way to reduce the workload associated with managing the open shifts. Among other tasks, creating a structure for the Manage Work Scheduler page proved to be a challenging task for us. Since the entire application depends on this page, this page contains a lot of business logic.

Maintaining adequate staffing, adjusting schedules, managing schedule requests, and tracking employee breaks were other challenges.

Admin Portal Functions:

Login/Signup/Forgot Password


Add Workers

Add Grade Years

Add Geographical Areas

Add Positive/Negative Restrictions

Add Customers (Client)

Add Vehicle

Add Division

Add User

Manage Bill Headers

Manage Worker Scheduling


Employee Portal Functions:



Add Absence

Check today schedule (Assigned by Agency)

The Solution We Deployed

The web-based staffing solution delivered by NetWeb Tech provided our client with a low-cost, feature-rich solution that was easily implemented. We began our project by learning about the customer journey and profile. It is always important to know and feel who will be the end-user of the product we are designing and developing. After this phase, we talked about technology, wireframes, and other things.

After the complete understanding of the project, we created multiple raw structures and algorithms to complete this requirement, and later as per the client’s liking, we created the final structure that covers all requirements and got instantly approved by the client.
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Technologies We Deployed

Check out the robust technologies used to integrate user-friendly features into the contract management platform.


Used as a UI Framework for creating frontend pages.


Our experts used express.js for creating APIs which works as middleware to perform all the business logic.


Used as ORM

MySQL Database

Used to store the data and contain all the SQL scripts.

The Outcomes We Delivered

As a result, we delivered a work scheduling application with very useful features for agencies with many employees working for different clients and departments. We were able to help our client with everything from concept drawings to online software. We learned a lot about the customers in this particular field and are thrilled that our product was well received by the client.

This newly implemented Work Scheduling portal is the result of the work planning optimization process

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