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Digitalize your healthcare services with our solutions

Our healthcare app development company is dedicated to boosting the efficiency of your healthcare system. We are your trusted tech partner with a passionate team of developers, designers and project managers helping you build scalable healthcare apps.

Custom Healthcare App Development

We excel in developing custom healthcare apps that are aligned with your healthcare institution's needs. Our team can build apps that streamline your workflows, smartly manage patient data and offer enhanced treatments.

Telemedicine App Development

Offer your users medical assistance on the go with our telemedicine app development services. Build a robust telemedicine app that enables users to get contactless medical assistance through video calling and chat support from anywhere anytime.

Laboratory Information Management System

We also create customized healthcare solutions for information management as per your lab size and requirements. Our app development services will help you efficiently manage and share patient lab reports and other crucial data.

Electronic Health Record Software

Our team also excels in building EHR solutions for all medical institutions and clinics depending on their size and patient footfall. With our electronic health data solutions, healthcare professionals can easily access and share accurate patient data and offer better treatment.

Pharmacy Management Solutions

Streamline your pharmacy ordering, payments, order tracking, merchant management and other aspects of your supply chain with one pharmacy app. Build a feature-rich app that simplifies your pharmacy supply chain and manages multiple stores throughout the city.

HIPPA Compliant Software

Being in the healthcare industry for a long has given us expertise in HIPPA compliance norms and other legalities. Our healthcare app development process ensures that your app adheres to all state-imposed regulations.

Hospital apps

Our healthcare app development company specializes in creating innovative hospital apps that streamline patient appointments, provide real-time updates on medical records, and offer secure communication channels for doctors and patients, improving overall healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.

Medication Tracking apps

We develop medication-tracking apps that empower users to easily manage their medication schedules, set reminders, track adherence, and receive personalized insights, ensuring medication safety, improving treatment outcomes, and promoting better overall health management.

Remote patient monitoring apps

Our healthcare app development expertise extends to remote patient monitoring apps, enabling healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients' vital signs, track health data, and facilitate timely interventions, ultimately enhancing patient care, reducing hospital readmissions, and optimizing healthcare resources.

Maternity Care App

Our healthcare app development company strives to create a comprehensive and user-friendly Maternity Care App, empowering expecting mothers with personalized pregnancy tracking, expert guidance, and seamless communication with healthcare professionals, ensuring a nurturing and healthy journey towards motherhood.

Mental Healthcare App

At our healthcare app development company, we prioritize mental well-being by crafting an intuitive mental healthcare app that offers a safe space for individuals to access therapy resources, monitor progress, and connect with licensed professionals, fostering resilience and promoting holistic mental health care.

Nutrition App

Driven by our commitment to healthy living, we design a dynamic nutrition app that provides users with personalized meal plans, nutritional insights, and real-time tracking capabilities, empowering individuals to make informed dietary choices and achieve their wellness goals.

Get a Healthcare App To Boost Your Healthcare
Organization Productivity

Our developers and experts have designed app modules considering the needs of patients, hospitals and

healthcare providers. These modules include features that connect medical professionals, patients and clinics into one ecosystem for greater efficiency and quality care facilities.

User-friendly Healthcare App for Patients

Easy appointment scheduling

Easy appointment scheduling

Real-time health record collection

Health record analysis

Health record analysis

Access to EHR

Access to EHR

Remote diagnostics with wearables

Remote diagnostics with wearables

On-call consultations

On-call consultations

Manage insurance claims

Manage insurance claims

Healthcare guides

Healthcare guides 

Healthcare news updates

Healthcare news updates 

User-friendly Healthcare App for Patients

Comprehensive Healthcare App For Medical Professionals

Comprehensive Healthcare App For Medical Professionals

Easily Manageable Healthcare App For Clinics & Hospitals

Easily Manageable Healthcare App For Clinics & Hospitals

Analytics & reports

Appointment scheduling

Clinic assistance app

Workflow management

Patient Intake forms

Patient data management

Campaign management

Billings & Payments

Get a Healthcare App Developed that Meets All Your Business Needs

Get a Healthcare App Developed that Meets All Your Business Needs

At Net Web Technologies, we know what it takes to build a high-performing healthcare app. Our technical expertise and medical industry experience enable us to deliver outstanding output that not only takes care of your patient’s needs but also focuses on achieving your business goals.

From telemedicine capabilities to remote patient monitoring, our solutions enable healthcare providers to extend their reach, deliver care at scale, and adapt to changing patient needs.

Build Healthcare Apps That Adheres To
Medical Compliances


Why Choose Net Web Technologies For Healthcare App Development Services?

Empower your patients and medical professionals to unlock the benefits of digital health with our custom healthcare app development services.
Hire the right healthcare app development company to leverage the latest technologies like AI and data analytics for chronic disease management, remote monitoring, preventive care and personalized treatment services.

Proven Healthcare app experience

Flexible engagement models

Experienced developers team

Skilled in the latest technologies

Transparency & integrity

Innovative app solutions

User-centric app solutions

Rigorous testing process

Competitive Pricing

24*7 technical support

Why Choose Net Web Technologies For Healthcare App Development Services?

Let’s Hear What Our Clients Say

Netweb Tech’s mobile app development team is genuinely praise-worthy. Our app required complex front-end repos, but the team at Netweb Tech clearly understood our requirements. They helped us add new features and customizations and identify and fix bugs in a very short amount of time. I am amazed at the dynamic nature of the team, which adapted to coding standards, technologies, and procedures as per the project requirements.
Ross Taylor
Text 2 Order
Hiring Netweb Tech for our software development project was one of our best decisions. We are a small business communication app. At first, I was confused about the app specifics. But Netweb Tech’s team helped me figure out and suggest the best features, optimizations and technologies for our app. I would like to praise their utmost dedication to the project as they delivered 2-3 months of work in 2 weeks, which is outstanding. I am looking forward to working with them again.
Curran Robertson
I have been in online marketing for years and have worked with many programmers over the years. If you are looking for someone with top-notch expertise, a technical team that can rival anyone in the industry, and a creative team that will approach your online project – whether it’s a website or an online campaign -with a clean slate and never fails to deliver on their promises, and exceeds expectations, NetWeb is it.
Aaron Gravitz
Law For All
You hit the nail on the head: you delivered on time and budget, and you did it with grace and flexibility. You excelled at the ease of process and adapted when things didn’t go as planned. Your communication, understanding, and enthusiasm set you apart from other web companies. This was a well-executed vision and implementation.
Omar Farukh
You are truly one of the best partners we have ever worked with in the 10-year history of our consulting business, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You did five-star work, are extremely responsive, and made it easy for us. That’s invaluable. We look forward to working with you on many more projects in the years to come.
Rimond Allam
Allruva Technologies
We build meaningful digital products for startups and global brands. Our experienced team of web and mobile developers, designers, and managers make mobile application development a delight.
Shridhar Ramaswamy
CEO & Founder


As a top healthcare app development service, we assure you that our software designs prioritize robust security measures and adhere strictly to HIPAA compliance requirements. Moreover, our team of healthcare app development experts conducts rigorous security testing throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), ensuring the delivery of flawlessly functioning software products for our clients.

For a secure healthcare app, we incorporate appropriate security measures. This includes implementing data encryption to protect sensitive information, utilizing two-factor authentication to enhance user authentication, and conducting regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. It is equally important to stay vigilant about the security of third-party libraries or services employed in the app by ensuring they are regularly updated and have a proven track record of strong security practices.

Building a healthcare app can offer numerous benefits to your hospital or clinic. It enhances patient engagement by providing convenient access to medical information, appointment scheduling, and prescription refills. It improves efficiency by reducing paperwork and administrative tasks, allowing your staff to focus more on patient care. Additionally, a healthcare app can help you stay competitive in the digital era and attract tech-savvy patients.

A healthcare app promotes patient engagement by providing easy access to medical information, test results, and personal health records. Patients can conveniently schedule appointments, receive reminders, and request prescription refills. The app can also include educational resources, such as articles or videos, to empower patients with knowledge about their health conditions. Engaging patients through a mobile app encourages them to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

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