The Ultimate Checklist To Choose The Best Mobile App UX/UI Design Partner

The ultimate checklist to find, interview, and hire the right mobile app UX/UI design partner for your project.

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A Technically Skilled, Creative & Strategically Smart UX/UI Designer Is Hard To Find

Finding a mobile app UX/UI design partner with the right mix of technical expertise, creativity, and industry experience is a challenge.  
Your choice of UX designer should not only be based on his technical knowledge but also on his communication and research abilities. 
There are UX designers who have outstanding technical qualifications, but what if they cannot work together with your development team? Moreover, you will come across UX/UI designers who are technically sound, creative, and team players. But what if they lack user research capabilities?
Only technical experience and creativity cannot be the basis for choosing a designer. Your UX/UI design partner should have experience in your specific niche and industry.  He should be able to understand your brand tone and your vision for the app. Additionally, he should be able to come up with smart designs and user flows that are aesthetic, responsive, user-friendly and brand-oriented.
In short, you cannot hire a UX designer just because he has a great portfolio. There are other qualities mentioned in this e-book that you should consider before entrusting your app designs to anyone.
So, what are the qualities and skills you should look for in your mobile app UX/UI designer? Let’s find out!

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